My instructions on how to add pictures to your Blog post:

  1. Open your blog. Press Pics from Flock and automatically a navigation bar will appear. You have to choose from where you want your pictures.
  2. Click next to your name and then all your Flickr pictures will appear.
  3. Drag the ones you want to add to your blog post.

Now let´s try this from Flock: Press file then press create a New Blog Post. How can you add a picture to the post you created directly from Flock?



  1. Hi,
    First, I wanted to say that for some reason I ‘forgot’ about your blog and did not visit it for a long time ;( . Second, upon ‘discovering it again’ I have been truly enjoying reading your posts! I love these pictures too- they are so beautiful. Most important, is the nature of this post, Jennifer. You’ve turned into one of the moderators for this session with your post and clear instructions on how to post pictures! That’s what I really love about this open and participatory workshop; it’s really open and participatory because we all learn from each other and that is, I think, very empowering! If we can feel like this here, there is no reason why our students would not have the same feeling.

  2. Patricia thanks for your kind and motivating words. It´s true that it really feels rewarding if you achieve so many things.I couldn´t have done it without your constant help and support. I hope the same happens to my students.

  3. I agree with Patricia, Jennifer. Your instructions are really helpful and easy to follow. Thanks for being here for us. Warm regards, Berta

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