Open and Participatory Spaces

When I enrolled to this course I really didn´t know what to expect. I was not even sure if I could follow the course. I´m so glad to have the opportunity to see everything in a different way.

There are many teachers out there trying their best to be better teachers. Cyberspace is not new to me. I have always been involved in different “cyber activities”. I have to highlight that this session is about “Open and Participatory Teachers”.

Teachers that open and share their teaching world in “cyberspace”. I feel that I´m participating in all the new discoveries of many teachers, with different educational realities and background. I have learnt that I´m not alone and from now on my professional and private life will not be the same.

Thanks to all the “Open and Participatory Teachers” I´m in this new journey that constantly surprises me and makes me discover a new world with no boundaries.



  1. Hi, Jennifer,

    Reading your blog makes one want to open up and learn with others online. You are doing such a nice job of sharing instructions.

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