Voice Language Learning

Michael Coghlan is a passionate believer in the power of online voice communications to inspire and motivate students.

Today using Yahoo Messenger I was able to follow his Presentation on Heading Voices in Language Learning.

I read some resources before starting. There are a lot of possibilities to integrate our students into these tools. He said that even shy students go back home and record their voices. He suggested that teachers should know at least two tools and let student´s decide which one is more suitable for them.

He spoke about the possibilities of integrating Mobile Phones into our teaching. I created an account with Moblog.

Unfortunately I can´t take pictures with my phone. In the help sector of the site it says:
Q: How do I post images/video clips/audio clips to my moblog?
A: Easy as pie – simply email them from your camera phone to mb-[yourusername]-[yourpassword]@moblg.net, eg:mb-joebloggs-crappassword@moblg.net”

I´ll have to borrow a phone and try to make an entry to this Blog via Moblog.Take a look at how some of these tools are used in Education.

Moblog: This is from Michael´s blog.

Podomatic: Dafne´students Podomatic. They do final presentations using bubbleshare, photostory or Moviemaker.

Elluminate : Wiilliam Richardson teaching us how to use Feed and Rss.


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