Second Life

We are dealing with open spaces. The Session Digital Game & Language Learning at Evo has a video that shows the overview of the New Media Consortium’s virtual campus in Second Life.

In the video you listen to:

“Second Life encourages exploration and interaction and most visitors will find something new in every visit” This is exactly what happens to me everytime I read in Bloglines the Blogs of other OWP members.

“Wonderfu little nations to discover” You discover not only nations but wonderful people.

Second Life is a gret platform that allows you to share your ideas and creations around the world. It extends the Internet into a three dimensional world, where visitors can interact in real time in a shared virtual space”. In OWP we are starting to share our thoughts and opinions with all the members. I just can´t figure out how to do it in 3D world!!!

I´ve tried to upload the video. I followed all the instructions but it seems that the video is very heavy. I was able to upload other videos perfectly.

Take a look at the video.





  1. This is the video you had problems posting, right? There is nothing here, so I assume that it was supposed to be here. Let’s see if we can work this out together. I am going to look into it more carefully!

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