I´m creating this entry directy from Flock. Seems to be a great tool if you are a constant blogger and if you have many different blogs in the cyberspace.

It´s quick, easy and practical. From now on I will use this all the time.




  1. Hey Jennifer:

    Motivated by you, I also blogged from Flock and it was like magic….Wow I guess that is so much more fun than to keep on trying to log in and work:) Thanks…and I think Bee def. has a point when she said in one of her mails that I would let you discover why I choose wordpress instead of blogger… So happy discovery and please do share it with me to…Now I am trying add ur blog to mine..is that what they call RSS feed…lets see

  2. I´m so happy to have motivated you to use Flock. It´s easy, quicky and I just get tired of always having to add passwords to all your sites and blogs.
    I´m also learning how to use Wordprss. I´m trying to create my Portfolio. I´m sure that very soon our blogrolls will be quite similar.

  3. hello Jennifer…thanks for your comment. I like your blog too and would like to know how you got your profle into the sidebar…this sidebar has remained a mytery to me!
    Yes, my son, Daniel is Mr.digital man, he seems to know how to do almost everything on the pc, or willing to learn. The problem is that we use the same one and we have to compete for it.

    😉 Susan

  4. Susan it´s very easy to create a “Static Page”. Go to Write then Write a Page and start writing or uploading files, pictures what ever you want!! I hope this helps.

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